About Me

imageI’m an upcoming photographer still perfecting my skills and I have been embracing these skills since April 2011. For now photography is only a hobby but my dream and goal is to make it a professional career. Through my passion, dedication and hard work I know this can become a reality.

To me a photo is not just a photo. There is more emotion and more power in one photo than in a whole vocabulary. When I’m taking photos it’s as if I’m freezing time. One moment, one photo that lasts forever. I have done a few different photo shoots and with every shoot and photo I see time freeze over and over again. When you look at the photos you know exactly how every emotion and event felt that words can’t describe. It’s a memory that will be treasured forever in a single photo.

My goal is not to create a financial empire but rather a treasury. The treasury that has helped and will help to preserve the memories of every individual that makes use of my services. From an engagement, wedding, landscape , maternity and much more.

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